Home For Sale: Erica Minchella Skokie Real Estate Attorney


Erica handles conventional real estate purchases and sales, bringing years of experience, expertise, and an impeccable legal reputation to your transaction.


Erica also handles a wide range of conventional commercial real estate sales and purchases, including representation for:

  • Financially troubled real estate projects
  • Owners in negotiations and work-outs with lenders and agencies
  • Investors purchasing troubled commercial properties

Distressed Property Issues

In the wake of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, an unprecedented number of Americans are struggling to keep their homes and address investments that are in danger of foreclosure. Erica brings solutions and options in times of financial stress. As an attorney, she has managed every scenario distressed homeowners face, including:

  • Defending foreclosures
  • Assisting purchasers at Sheriff’s sales
  • Assisting both sellers and purchasers in foreclosure transactions
  • Locating private & institutional lending for distressed property transactions
  • Providing documentation for funding in distressed business transactions
  • Providing documentation for funding in distressed business transactions
  • Prosecution of RESPA and TILA violations
  • Bankruptcy

Short Sale Transactions by Erica Minchella Skokie Real Estate Attorney

Short Sale Transactions

A short sale typically is executed to prevent a home foreclosure. Erica concentrates on the finesse necessary to work with lenders, often keeping the foreclosure off her client’s financial record and preventing judgment.
(read Erica’s blog on short sales for more info)

Loan Modifications

Despite the government’s encouragement of lenders offer loan modifications, the process can be arduous and daunting for an individual homeowner. Working with knowledgeable and relentless staff, who know the criteria for most lender’s agreement to modify a loan, and using tactics that advise the lender and their government oversight agency of the knowledge of potential errors in the drafting of their loan documentation or servicing, Erica and her team have a high percentage of success in achieving modification of homeowner’s loans.

Foreclosure Defense

Upon entering into representation of a client, Erica seeks the documentation related to the original loan transaction as well information on the ownership of the loan to determine whether there are any areas in which defenses are possible. The strategy for how the loan will be defended, audits of the loan and the client’s future goals are all part of the analysis for aggressive representation of Defendants in foreclosure proceedings.

REO Purchases

Erica’s knowledge of foreclosure defense helps clients purchasing REO properties assure that title problems that might arise prior to closing are addressed early in the process. She also looks to assure that her purchasers will not have title problems in the future.


Having done bankruptcy work for 18 years, it was inevitable that she would return to the area of law in which she started. Erica perceives bankruptcy as an absolutely last choice, but when used, it is used strategically to move a client in the best position in which they can be. (see main page for more information on bankruptcy matters)

Foreclosure Prevention

Erica looks to determine whether an aggressive prosecution of a claim against a lender can prevent a foreclosure and give a client a better result. It is part of the wide-ranging perspective Erica takes to determine the best course of action for a client, to put them where they want – and need – to be.